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For more info about what OST-Box really is, see the about page.
To sea the release plan, have a look at the TODO page.
You can post comment/problems/ideas or anything about ost-box on the mailing list : ost-box-devel@lists.sourceforge.net !

13/04/2007 Version 0.3.7 : Suspend to RAM/Disk support (download here)
It is now possible to make your box goes in suspend to ram or disk when user hit the power button. OST-Box will program the rtc clock so that it will wake up on time for scheduled records
For this to work, you'll probably need some tweaking to the script suspend.pl, at least making it setuid root. (see the doc for details)
Also, a new lirc utility was added to make use of wake-on-lan feature. It is usefull if your remote receiver cannot wakeup your box (it is the case for the ati remote wonder for example.) With it, you can use a second lirc receiver plugged on a second computer to power on the box with just a keypress on the remote.

Other changes include :

03/04/2007 Version 0.3.6 : Improved TV and recorder (download here)
This version adds the possibility to use deinterlacer plugin, either per tuner or per frequency. It can be configured by adding the option "player_deinterlace" (see channels.example.xml file, in tuner DVB-T).

Other changes include :

21/02/2007 Version 0.3.5 : Integrated TV recorder (download here)
OST-Box now includes a recorder !

It has two interfaces : The recorder is a separate process from the user interface. It is started when ost-box starts, but it will continue to run after you exit ost-box. So it is possible to record TV while ost-box is not running.
Finally, OST-Box cooperate with the recorder in a nice way : If you have only one tuner, it is possible to watch a channel while it is recorded. In case you have two (or more!) tuners, ost-box will directly choose the unused tuner when switching to other channel.

For question regarding TV configuration, look at the
documentation and don't hesitate drop a mail on the mailing list : ost-box-devel@lists.sourceforge.net. The process can be tricky and I'd like to improve it.

Spanish and french translations were updated.

Additionaly, the default main menu was cleaned and some TV and sound related bugs were fixed.

07/02/2007 Version 0.3.4 : big music player improvment (download here)
The music player was improved : The translation catalogs were updated, so that new text entries can correctly be translated. However translation updates are still needed for russian, hebrew and spanish !
Finally, a rare bug was fixed (restarting lirc while playing music could cause problem to xine-lib).

24/01/2007 Version 0.3.3 : SMS input support (download here)
This release adds SMS input ability. This feature will allow user to input text with a lirc remote, or with a keypad. While not really usefull for the moment, this is necessary for incoming features like playlist editor, (see the TODO page for details).
See the Setup/remotes/sms menu for some fun...

This release also improves usability in some ways : Finally, lirc remote and media helper now work correctly when ostbox is globally installed (in /usr/local)

Notice : If you get a segfault starting ost-box, just after the message "registerOstboxPlugin(..)", please unset you LANG variable (LANG="" ostbox). The bugs comes from xinelib translation (from version 1.1.1 to at least 1.1.3). A cleaner workaround will be included in next release of ost-box, until the bug is fixed in xine-lib.

15/01/2007 Version : Bug fixes (download here)
This release fixes some important bugs added with previous version : It also includes some new code of the next 0.3.3 version (SMS input support, for the curious).

7/12/2006 Version 0.3.2 : Integrated TV viewer (download here)
This release adds an internal video player with alpha-blended OSD, relying on xinelibs.

It also introduces a new infrastructure which will provide timeshifting and recording support. This will be possible by using media-helpers process which will be responsible for stream grabing and multiplexing.
This mode is working out of the box for dvb card (but timeshifting and recording is not implemented). For video4linux card, you'll need to find a good grabber tool.

The LIRC input layer was reworked to allow automatic reconnection and better event filtering.

The UI latenty and startup time were improved by optimizing image caching.

Finally, a full configuration guide was added, with concrete example about using a dvb card with ost-box.

18/09/2006 Version 0.3.1 ready : Xmltv support (download here)
OST-Box can now use an external EPG source. Ost-box will automatically read xmltv program from ~/.ostbox/guide.xml. Content of the file is displayed when switching channel. There is also a new channel browser which display full info about programs (including description if available).
Information about how to configure and use it is available in the FAQ
The channel selector behaviour was improved. It can now be configured (a new TV configuration menu was added for this purpose). Also it now displays the current program when listing channels.
Also new in this version, some support for xine as dvb player was added, and process which doesn't respond to stop-command get killed (this is a security - for xine, mainly)
The translation system has been simplified. Each language now has its own file, making translation update easier.
A spanish translation was added (thanks to Orlando Hernández San Ginés). Other translations were updated.
Finally, several bugs were fixed. The code was checked against valgrind; this resulted in "potential bug" fixes...

06/07/2006 Version 0.3.0 is out ! (download here)
TV and webradio support is now more stable. From the last pre-release, various bugs in the handling of video player and external programs were fixed.
A hebrew translation was also added, thanks to Liran Tal. However, you'll need to adjust the fonts to times before using it.

The next step will be xmltv programs usage, which should not be a big deal. Then developpment will focus on much more exciting things (from a developper point of view...) like builtin video/dvd player, media integration, video recorder...
OST-Box needs developpers and testers !!! If you think you can help improving it, don't hesitate : join !

06/07/2006Pre release of version 0.3.0 : TV plugin ! (download here)
This is a pre-release version. It has been tested for some time now on my own setup (fedora core 3), but I suspect it might have problem on some configs. If you try it, please report your mileage here (or by mail : pludov at nnx dot com)!
It introduces a new plugin to watch TV and listen to radio. It relies on external viewers (for exemple mplayer, xawtv, ...). It has support for browsing channels accross any number of tuners, and is able to cooperate with background recorders (it can avoid to start a player on a used tuner).
Please note that the key handling was changed, so that you will have to reconfigure your keys (not only for lirc device, but also for keyboard ones). Old key mapping will not work at all, so you'd better remove ~/.ostbox/map.xml from 0.2.x before starting this new version.
The volume control now uses alsa mixer, using the amixer tool. If this does not work for you, please report it !
A bug with external tools was also fixed. (the handling of child process was rewritten to be more resistant to differences between version of the pthread library)
Finally, I started a new FAQ, for configuration and troubleshooting.

15/06/2006 version : Major bug fixed (download here)
This release fixes a bug introduced in, causing ostbox to sometime crash or freeze, mainly during startup.
In fact, the crash may occur on each child process termination...

09/06/2006 version : Major bug fixed (download here)
A bug caused ostbox to not re-appear after an external program was terminated.
This bug only occured with some versions of the libpthread (at least the one that comes with slackware 10.1). These versions don't handle child processes in the posix way, and this was causing real troubles to ostbox : lots of zombi and disappearing forever...
Version gives a workaround to this bug and adds some precisions in debug messages (each log from an object now prints the object origin)
Previous version included a bug sometime leading to a crash with a message saying "select: interrupted system call". Please upgrade to if you encouters such problems.

03/06/2006 version 0.2.9 : Improved rendering engine (download here)
The rendering has been vastly improved. OST-Box now layout widgets regarding their text size. For example, long directory name are now correctly displayed in the browsers.
Also the rendering speed is better since layout are no more updated before widgets are completly loaded.
Default font size have been increased. However, this will only affect fresh installation. (If you already have ost-box installed, you can still adjust your font sizes in the configuration menu!)
Finally this release includes some bugfixes and smaller improvments...
As always, a detailled changelog :

09/05/2006 version 0.2.8 : Skin selector (download here)
OST-Box now has a skin selector. For the moment, two skins are available : the default one and "artic". It is possible to alter them by modifying styles.xml files in the src/interface/skins folder. (to test, launch ost-box from the src/interface, with "-r ." as argument.)
The complete changelog :

13/04/2006 version : Bug/problems fixes for 0.2.7 (download here)
Several bugs where fixed :

13/04/2006 version 0.2.7 : Better support for external program (download here)
This version is focused on support for external programs.
02/04/2006 version : Bug fix (download here)
Fixed error occuring when saving changes to a remote configuration.

28/03/2006 version 0.2.6 : Navigation enhancement (download here)
Various small improvments will simplify navigation through videos and photos: