OST-Box : Open set-top box

OST-Box aims to be a full featured media center program.
It's goal is to give you access to all kind of media (TV, EPG, music and photos collections, videos, ...), using only a single remote.



Ostbox include a photo album browser, with slide-show, thumb view, zoom/rotation capability. It can use an external tool to view videos (mplayer is pre-configured by default)


The music browser let you play any file supported by xinelib.
It also has support for using existing playlist and also to create/save new ones.

TV viewing

OST-Box can be used to watch TV. You can decide to use its own internal viewer, or an external tool (mplayer, ...)
EPG can imported from xmltv file, and browsed with full program description. OST-Box alos includes a nice channel selector popup, which can also display current program name and advancement
When using the internal viewer, OSD are displayed over the video, with alpha blending.

Recording support

OST-Box includes a record scheduler.
It has two interfaces : The recorder is a separate process from the user interface. It is started when ost-box starts, but it will continue to run after you exit ost-box. So it is possible to record TV while ost-box is not running.
Finally, OST-Box cooperate with the recorder in a nice way : If you have only one tuner, it is possible to watch a channel while it is recorded. In case you have two (or more!) tuners, ost-box will directly choose the unused tuner when switching to other channel.

External tools

The main menu can be modified to include your own external tools (for example to play a DVD)


It will (soon) have the following functionnality :

You can have a look at the TODO page to see what will come next. If you have ideas or you feel that something is missing there, feel free to post to the mailing list ost-box-devel@lists.sourceforge.net. If you want to see what it looks like, have a look at screen shots!


OST-Box has an open design : The program itself is mainly a xml/javascript browser written in C++ and using mozilla speedermonkey and libxml. Also, most content is provided via small perl scripts, which are easier to tune to your needs.


OST-Box is a C++ project. Internaly, it is divided into three modules :
OST-Box needs your ideas and contributions... For any bugs/wishes/comments/contributions, leave a message on the forums... Alternatively, you use the ost-box mailing list.