Jan Ten WOLDE's creationHistory

lt was already late in the afternoon on the 8th of May during the kitefestival in Kamen (Germany) when we were able to find the time to chat with one-another. Subject : Kites and creativity. These are the moments when the best ideas came up. lt gave the wish Hennes has: "I would like to organise something which is really different with a lot of people. Some kind of project in which everyone finds a kind of surprise and where a lot of kiters can be participants of. Net expensive, very creative and really something else". The idea is born and will be called "PROJEKT E2". lt doesn't mater if you call it "Projekt E square" or "Projekt E two" or "Projekt Europe-two", as even this is a part of creativity of the project. lt is neither a game nor a competition and its rules are only a few. This is meant to invite you to be a participant. You, the audience and other kiters should enjoy the diversity of forms, while recognising the use of same colours in a game with the wind in the air. Projekt E2 is all about fun for everybody.
B. SCHREUR's creationThe first flight of
Projekt E2 was at the FamilienDrachenFest in Lünen (Germany) on the 15th-17th October 1999. Kitefliers from Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherland, Germany and France have started building Projekt E2 kites to partipate to some kite Festivals. The last time Projekt E2 will take place is at the FamilienDrachenFest in Lünen (Germany) in October 2000.

The kite:

Paul WESSLING's creation- Build a kite, which is being flown by 1 fine, consisting of 2 Eddies and a square.
- Net a train.
- The colours are black, red and white.
- Max. hight : 1.50 m.
- Max, width : 1.50 m.
- Max. depth : 1.50 m.
- All kind of tails are allowed.
- Lights, sirens, windwhistles etc. are allowed.
- No particular kite-design is prescribed (which gives you all opportunities for your creativity).
- The Eddies and the square may overlap one-another.
- The three forms have to be connected to each other.
- In order to be a member you have to pay with a sack of "Gummibären" (a German sweet).
- here are some exemples of
Projekt E2 kites.


The Projekt E2 team :

Hennes KURBJUHN, Lange Strasse 12, 59519 Möhnesee-Ell., Germany
Otto VOSSEN, Stephan Hanewinkellaan 7, 5673 MV Nuenen, Neerderland

Ingrid KURBJUHN's creation    Hennes KURBJUHN


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